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LUYA is a fast and flexible framework and content management system built with the goal to please developers, clients and users alike.

14, April 2017 We have released another RC Version of LUYA: 1.0.0-RC3 Learn more

Why choose LUYA?


LUYA is built for high-performance, which makes it a good choice for websites and web applications of all sizes.


LUYA is flexible in every way: developers will appreciate its modular and extendable architecture, clients will love the versatile building blocks when creating web pages.


LUYA's friendliness doesn't stop with its easy-to-use interface: it lends a hand with development, deployment and other tasks by providing powerful command line tools.


LUYA is built upon the solid foundation of the popular Yii2 framework. It doesn't reinvent the wheel but adds value on top of proved and tested solutions.


LUYA is and will always be free to use. It is a contribution to a wealth of free tools made possible by thousands of developers giving their passion and time.


LUYA is open source, from the first to the last line of code. It is at the heart of a growing community that openly welcomes new users and contributors.


LUYA is a framework with modules that can be combined as needed. Administration required? Install the administration module. Content management system desired? Install the cms module. While you can use LUYA without these two modules, they will be essential for many web projects. Add other modules – including your own! – to the mix, to create any website or web application you can think of.

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Every successful open source project needs an active and inspiring community to thrive. This is no different with LUYA. Join the young but growing LUYA community, ask questions, provide feedback and translations, amend the documentation, develop modules or help with core development – your participation is welcomed!

Use this website to share code snippets. More community features will be added continually.

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In the mines of LUYA

PHP, Yii2, MySQL and AngularJS are the materials LUYA is made of. Now let's build some cool projects with it!

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Contributors Wanted

We are constantly looking for contributors to bring LUYA up to the next level. Please let us know if you would like to help and support LUYA.

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