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  • LUYA is not a one-click installation product like WordPress and others.
  • Configuration data is stored in versioned files (not in the database).
  • We adhere to the DRY ("Don't repeat yourself") concept.
  • System code belongs into the vendor directory.

Whats next?

A short explaination of the main groups of this documentation:

  • Installation: Here you can find everything about installation, setup, config, cloud and docker content
  • Key Concepts: Certain LUYA specific things like the Deployment and Sync Process or Components exklusive developled for LUYA
  • Application: Generall Questions for your LUYA Application: Langauges, Storage System, Security, Themes, Queue
  • CMS: All CMS related things. How to make Menus, developing blocks, page properties or cms layouts.
  • Frontend Module: In A Yii Framework context those are modules for frontend logic, news system, gallery, blog, whatever
  • Admin Module: LUYA brings a super flexible Admin UI, here you can find all infos regarding admin module development
  • NgRest Crud: This is the CRUD System of LUYA Admin UI. Read about plugins, configs, active windows, active buttons and active selections.
  • Lessions: Some full tutorials how things are made from the ground up.
  • Developers: You are a developer and like to do more? Create a Package/Extension/Module? Read more there.