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Arguments for LUYA


  • Building upon the solid and popular Yii framework, LUYA offers a clear and modular architecture that can easily be extended to any needs.
  • Console commands for scaffolding, content synchronization, deployment and other tasks let developers (and clients) save time and money.
  • Pro-active error reporting helps discovering and ironing out bugs.
  • LUYA is well-tested and includes state-of-the-art security measures.
  • A comprehensive and continually extended guide and API documentation makes learning the ins and outs of LUYA a breeze.
  • The administration UI is clearly structured and easy to use for clients (customers).
  • LUYA is and will always be free to use.

Technical Advantages

  • LUYA is based on APIs and can therefore be accessed by any HTTP Client, this is also known as Headless System.
  • API Users can be created to access the Content trough APIs for a certain group or user
  • An OpenAPI file can be created on the fly to generate client SDKs or render nice API Documentations.
  • The Administration Module can be shipped without the CMS, therefore maybe the CMS is not required in your Project and only CRUD with API does the job, so just install the Admin Module.
  • LUYA Error Module helps you to track errors and gathers them to one place, a must when developing multiple projects.
  • LUYA Remote Admin provides insides of all your LUYA Applications and sends automatically emails to customers if things has changed (if you like). The control panel for your Agency. All Free

What LUYA never will be

  • LUYA is not intended to unpack on a webserver and follow a graphical step by step setup process, like WordPress or any other CMS systems. LUYA is built for developers which should use VCS and deployment tools.
  • We will never add a WYSIWYG editor. You can either create your own block with WYSIWYG editor or use a community extension.