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LUYA as an organisation

  • LUYA as a product and as an organisation is not owned by any company or private person.
  • Decisions not covered by Long-term intention and objectives will be taken democratically among the members entitled to vote.

2. Long-term intentions and objectives

  • LUYA is not a one-click installation product like WordPress and others.
  • Configuration data is stored in versioned files (not in the database).
  • We adhere to the DRY ("Don't repeat yourself") concept.
  • System code belongs into the vendor directory.

3. Code of conduct

  • We are always benevolent, no matter what question.
  • No one will be embarrassed, no one knows it all.
  • We are good role models. No swearwords. No discrimination.
  • Communication is in English.

4. Requirements for becoming a member

  • Intention for a long-term contribution
  • Must have commits
  • Pull requests must be of high quality

5. Members

Current LUYA Organisation members with the respective role:

see GitHub People Tab

6. Roles

RoleDescriptionPlanning/StrategyReaction** within 48hVotingCommit Access/PR
Project LeadCore member, including planning and strategy tasksYesYesYesYes
Core MemberCan commit and merge pull requests, must react within 48 hours to pull requests, mentions, assignmentsNoYesYesYes
MaintainerCan comment, assign and set labels but can not write into the repos.NoNoYesNo
ContributorAllows to invite members to the team without long-term obligations but still with a sense of being part of the project.NoNoNoNo
Extension ManagerHas commit access to specific extensions and has to react as far as these are concernedNoYes*YesYes*

* Only for the given extensions.
** Mentions, comments, pull requests, assignments, issues, reviews

7. Rights and possibilities of members

  • Voting required
    • Issue/pull request must have the label “requires decision” assigned.
    • All members with allowed voting role (Project Lead, Core Member, Maintainer, Extension Manager) have 7 days time to vote after a issue/pull request was created with “requires decision” label.
    • Long-term intentions and objectives may not be changed, see Long-term intention and objectives.
  • No voting required
    • Use of the technology.
    • Profound changes to the administration interface. General UI changes.