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Browser support

LUYA admin UI is currently supported by following operating systems and browsers:

macOS Sierra and up

  • Firefox 47
  • Chrome 52
  • Opera 47
  • Safari (10.1)
  • Yandex 14.12

Windows 10 and up

  • Edge 14
  • Firefox 47
  • Chrome 52
  • Opera 47
  • IE 11
  • Yandex 14.12

Windows 7

  • Edge 14
  • Firefox 47
  • Chrome 52
  • Opera 47
  • IE 10
  • Yandex 14.12

Mobile Systems

Admin UI is only partially supported by mobile devices.

For the best LUYA experience we currently recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox.

iOS 10.3 and up

  • Mobile Safari (e.g. @ iPad Pro)

Android 4.4 and up

  • Chrome (e.g. @ Galaxy Tab 4 10.4")

Test protocol

Test protocol from 2017-12-11:

SystemBrowserWorksDisplay errors
Windows 7IE 10YesNo
Windows 7IE 11YesNo
Windows 7Firefox 47YesNo
Windows 7Firefox 57YesNo
Windows 7Chrome 52YesNo
Windows 7Chrome 62YesNo
Windows 7Opera 47YesNo
Windows 7Opera 49YesNo
Windows 7Yandex 14.12YesNo
Windows 10Edge 14YesNo
Windows 10Edge 15YesNo
Windows 10Edge 16YesNo
Windows 10IE 11YesNo
Windows 10Firefox 57YesNo
Windows 10Firefox 47YesNo
Windows 10Chrome 52YesNo
Windows 10Chrome 62YesNo
Windows 10Opera 47YesNo
Windows 10Opera 49YesNo
Windows 10Yandex 14.12YesNo
macOS SierraSafari (10.1)YesNo
macOS SierraFirefox 47YesNo
macOS SierraFirefox 57YesNo
macOS SierraChrome 52YesNo
macOS SierraChrome 62YesNo
macOS SierraOpera 47YesNo
macOS SierraOpera 49YesNo
macOS SierraYandex 14.12YesNo
iOS 10.3 @ iPad Air 2 / iPad 4Mobile SafariPartly
(Textfields are too small to edit them.)
(Icon are not visible in the left sidebar in landscape mode, the mobile navigation bar is missing in portrait mode, textfields are too small in CRUD view, input labels occluding the login field.)
iOS 10.3 @ iPad ProMobile SafariYesNo
Android 4.4 @ Galaxy Tab 4 10.4"ChromeYesNo